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What is Remapping?

What is Remapping?

If you have visited our website prior to this post then the chances are you already have an idea about remapping and the process. You are likely even considering this service for your own vehicle. This blog offers a definition and breaks down the remapping procedure in detail. Let’s begin with the ECU.

What’s an ECU (we hear you ask)?

ECU or Engine Control Unit equates to your engines brain. With the capability and functionality similar to a computer, it basically controls the workings of the engine. So far so good? It may surprise you to learn that the default settings residing within your ECU are not as optimised for performance as they could be. With many regulations currently in place, manufacturers are guided by certain rules and regulations based around climate, fuel quality and specific country laws when programming software.

How does Remapping Work?

Basically, remapping is the process of changing the manufacturers default settings and software on the ECU. It is replaced with alternative, often bespoke software, customised to vehicle and owner specifications. This has to be carried out of course within legal limitations. During the remapping process, the old software is overwritten. This happens quickly once the updated version is plugged into the vehicles serial port. Whilst the process is straightforward, the software is not and so remapping is best carried out by knowledgeable industry experts.

Are you with us so far?

So far you have read a fair bit of technical information. How do you know if this process is for you? Read on to find out.

What exactly does Remapping do to a vehicle?

Remapping allows vehicle performance to be altered by changing how the engine drives the car. The adaptations will become clear to the driver based upon how they use their tuned vehicle. For example, upon completion of a successful remap, cars are likely to experience an increase in power. Drivers become more ‘enthusiastic’ having undergone this service and will accelerate faster when possible. There will be a noticeable difference in power after remapping.

In contrast, drivers can make use of a remap by saving on fuel costs and using less. Making the most from increased power and torque through rev ranges and gear changes is sure to improve fuel economy.
Overtaking can be carried out with much more ease. By cutting down on the number of gear changes, driving is smoother with situations requiring torque handled more effectively. Use this method strategically and it’s another great fuel saver.

How soon would I notice a difference?

This depends on your reasons for remapping. If you are going for increased vehicle power then you will notice a change instantly. Simply accelerate (safely of course) and you will feel a definite change. We can increase horsepower by 30-40bhp and torque up to 80nm. Ask our experts for more information on this.

Should I remap my vehicle?

If you’ve read this far then the chances are you have already made up your mind that remapping is the right solution for you. In case you’re unsure however, here are some considerations;

How old is your car?

There is a limit in terms of the age a car can undergo remapping. It is usual that vehicles produced before the year 2000 are considered too old. They are often without the relevant software required for optimisation. This is not always the case but worth finding out in the first instance.

Can I remap my own car?

As a specialist service with over 16 years of experience we would say no. Whilst the process to an expert is straightforward, we also have the ability to fix anything should it go wrong. We fully understand the software and the strategy sitting behind it. With a warranty offered alongside every remap you can also leave with full peace of mind.

Are you looking for increased vehicle performance?

If you answer ‘yes’ to this question then remapping is definitely the right choice for you.

What can Dyno Remaps do for me?

We can offer you a knowledgeable remapping service alongside a warranty. Prices start from just £295 and we have the option of 0% finance available.

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