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Car Remapping: FAQs

Car Remapping: FAQs

Welcome to today’s post where we will pose many of the frequently asked questions heard on a daily basis surrounding remaps. Remember, if you would like to discuss anything you find on our blog or across the website you can get in touch with our experts today.

Is remapping safe?

The art of remapping offers an increase in vehicle performance. When carried out professionally this is done within safe and legal limits and not beyond these. The idea is to stay well away from the limits of component failure. Remapping has to be carried out securely so that your vehicle stands the test of time. A good remapping company will check over your vehicle in the first instance to ensure there are no major issues that will hinder the process.

Will my car manufacturer carry out a remap for me?

A single vehicle type will be sold across multiple areas of the world. With each area manufacturers are subject to a different set of acceptance rules. Regulations include those surrounding tax and of course, emissions. Along with these factors, climates need to be taken into consideration. Regulations depend upon how hot or cold a country may be, humidity levels, fuel quantities and operating altitudes. Each of these factors has to be taken heavily into consideration by manufacturers and so they will not carry out a remapping service.

What does remapping entail?

If you are looking to increase the performance of your vehicle yet keep all relevant safety features then remapping is the answer. This is done by overwriting the original ECU software. At Dyno Remaps we have built and fully licensed our own software alongside time served experts. Once complete your vehicle will experience increased miles per gallon and overall, driving will become a more pleasurable experience.

Do I need to tell my Insurance Company?

Having had a remapping service it then becomes your responsibility to advise your insurance company. The process is technically classed as a vehicle modification. However, it is becoming more apparent that customers are not being penalised for undergoing this service due to the economical benefits offered.

What are the Benefits of Remapping?

Depending on your reasons for remapping will depend on the benefits. If you’re looking for increased power then this will be noticed straight away. If you’re looking to save on miles per gallon, this will be noticed via fewer gear changes. Remapping alters fuel, boost and torque.
And there you have some of the most frequently asked questions we hear with regards to remapping. Have something different you would like to discuss with us? Get in touch now.

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