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Porsche Cayman S in for Stage 1 Bespoke Tune

Porsche Cayman S in for Stage 1 Bespoke Tune

This Porsche Cayman S came in this week for a Stage 1 Remap after giving us a call and speaking to one of Experts with years of experience and with a honest quotation given on results as remember this car is naturally aspirated so the gains are aspected for a naturally aspirated engine but, noticeable.

Let’s move on to putting the vehicle on the rolling road and making sure the vehicle was fastened down securely. Also with this vehicle with the engine being at the back and the radiators to the front we had to make the cooling for this vehicle was setup correctly.

The first run, we pulled a few stock runs on this vehicle to calibrate the rolling road to suit the Porsche Cayman S. Once we where all setup we where ready to do a full power run and see what this car pulls stock. So after a few power runs stock we found this Porsche is running very fit and healthy and pulling 298.27 BHP and 346.46 N.m.

Let’s move onto pulling the cars and engine information from the ECU, we only use Genuine, Licensed Master Tools here at Dyno Remaps. The tool of choice for this Porsche Caymans S was of course CMD Master OBD2 to download the file from the ECU.
Once we downloaded the file we then loaded into WinOLS to start tuning this car bespoke to its Live Data and information gathered from the Stock Runs. All the modifying, mapping and information changes are done! Let’s get this new file loaded on to the car and get some power runs under its belt and see what we have gained with our Bespoke Tune.

Viola, the car pulled 316.19 BHP and 370.31 N.m tuned with our Bespoke Map and was exactly where we expected it to be with it being naturally aspirated. The power increase is nice smooth incline all the way across the power curve.

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