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EGR Removal

EGR Solutions in Stockton

At Dyno Remaps we offer a range of services including EGR removal. The EGR or exhaust gas re circulation process offers emission reduction of both petrol and diesel engines. If you would like to learn more about how removal will benefit your vehicle then please get in touch with our specialists who will advise further.

The EGR restores engine power and MPG whilst increasing vehicle performance. Deletion, pausing or removal of the EGR helps prevent DPF Failure. It directly cuts out the need for the costly expense of a future replacement.

A vehicle will not run to its full potential when valves become clogged with carbon deposits. This can cause sticking or a worst case scenario of engine failure. Error codes will display and you will need to take action. Understanding the workings of the EGR is a fundamental aspect in determining whether to pause, delete or remove. We are leading industry experts and offer a software solution that will disable the EGR valve. This straightforward, logical approach offers improved engine efficiency.


EGR Solutions Defined

When burned at high temperatures, the air/fuel combination in an engine produces nitrous oxide. The EGR valve reduces combustion temperatures and this has direct impact on the amount of nitrous oxide created. Vehicles are generally fitted with a valve that controls gas flow. If required this can be completely closed off. Rerouted gasses result in temperature reduction and a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

Choosing to do nothing with the EGR can have a downside. Constant recirculation of carbon deposits will move through the engine. A build up will eventually cause engine failure and attached to this are large costs. EGR solutions are the way to avoid this outcome. In blanking the exhaust input and reprogramming the engine management we can achieve results including lower engine temperatures, improved throttle response and even increase engine life by the reduction of oil contamination and carbon deposits.

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