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Dyno FAQ's

Find out a little more about the benefits of remapping and how this will enhance your driving experience.

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Here you will find a number of frequently asked questions offering vehicle help and guidance.

How do Dyno Remaps carry out their work?
In order to execute the service properly and with precision, here at Dyno Remaps we go through a series of steps. When you bring your vehicle to us we will carry out a full vehicle health check including a diagnostic report. This will show you your cars performance before we do any work. The next stage sees the car up onto the dyno where the vehicle is ran in order to determine horsepower. It is at this point we make bespoke alterations to the software in order to enhance and improve vehicle performance. Once remapping is complete the car is ran through the dyno again and we are presented with a second lot of results meaning you see the before and after. A final health and diagnostic check is carried out alongside a road test with the customer.
Is the process safe for the vehicle?
The entire reasoning behind re mapping it to enhance and optimise engine power within safe limits and these are the qualities and boundaries we strictly work within. In gaining additional vehicle power we are reducing the need for gear changes whilst enhancing capability. Understanding the varying needs for each individual engine we have the equipment and expertise to determine exactly how far a vehicle can be pushed in a remap without getting close to the limits of component failure. This knowledge is a requirement and can be the difference between enhanced performance and a vehicle that fast becomes unreliable.
How much does remapping cost?
Prices start from £275. Each and every vehicle is different and the work we carry out is specific to requirements so please get in touch and we will offer you a direct quote.
How will remapping affect fuel consumption?
This important aspect takes a number of factors into consideration including requirements coupled with driving style. Alongside our performance calibrations, customers have enjoyed 6-9mpg reductions on certain cars. Increased HP and Torque is a given with smoother, more linear power delivery than that of a standard mapped vehicle. Results are notable each and every time you get behind the wheel with performance maps offering a maximum boost of 3-4mpg increase.
What happens if I want to sell my car?
This shouldn’t cause a problem and is often considered a great selling point. Be clear with regards to the remap and should you wish to revert back to standard just get in touch with us and we will advise on the best way forwards.

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