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Mercedes C63 AMG – Bespoke Stage 1 Performance Tune

Mercedes C63 AMG – Bespoke Stage 1 Performance Tune

This Mercedes C63 AMG, Naturally Aspirated V8 came in for a Bespoke Stage 1 Tune on the Rolling Road. As it is only a naturally aspirated engine we were not expecting massive gains but noticeable enough for the customer to be happy.

So we manoeuvred the vehicle up onto the rolling road and securely fastened the vehicle down but allowing enough pull for the vehicle to stretch it’s legs.

After running the vehicle stock after numerous runs it was to be expected for this vehicle running around 500BHP and 650NM give or take depending on engine temperature and ambient air temperature.

After then we plugged the laptop in and started downloading the Original Software from the ECU using CMD Master – OBD2 (Only genuine, fully licensed and fully up to date hardware used here at Dyno Remaps).

From then, we loaded the map into WinOLS and started performing the necessary changes and requirements to this vehicles to tune to get it to where expected. Having done numerous amounts of these vehicles now we know what to do and what to expect.

Once everything was done and saved, we then written the new file and software to the ECU once again using CMD Master – OBD2. We then get back into the vehicle and do some more runs to see what the car was running after our modifications to the software. Just as expected it was running around 528BHP and 686NM give or take on temperatures and airflow.

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