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Fiesta ST

Fiesta ST

Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 EcoBoost is a hot hatch with some fantastic power available when you upgrade the components on this car. This was a stage 1 Mountune model with figures of 215bhp although it made 204bhp on the dyno.

Car Gains

Stock Power: 204bhp 256ft

Tuned Power: 239bhp 322ft

Thats a gain of 35bhp 66ft with the power to weight this will give is bigger brother run for its money!

Visited on Saturday to discuss availability for a stage 2 remap, booked for today (Tuesday) via Facebook message, dropped my Fiesta ST off at 8:30 and it was done by 11:00. Car feels so much more responsive and has helped reach the full potential of the upgrades fitted to the car, improving by 36bhp (~18%) and 66lb/ft (~26%) at peak and by various amounts over the entire rev range. Will be recommending Dyno Remaps to my friends and family for any remapping needs and will likely be back if/when I go Stage 3.

– Jamie

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