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Car remapping and ECU Tuning industry leaders, Dyno Remaps of Stockton offer a professional service, tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer’s vehicle. It is this approach and our expert knowledge of a specialist industry combined with excellent customer service that enables us to offer a very thorough and professional custom remapping service. The software and tools we use are fully licensed and insured appropriately giving customers confidence in our formidable ability. Prior to remaps, DPF cleaning or EGR removal we will carry out appropriate checks ensuring the car’s diagnostics are in full working order. Your vehicle will be examined for any potential issues that may hinder performance. We are confident with every custom remapping service offered but in the extremely unlikely event you are not satisfied we offer a 14 day money-back warranty.

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Car Remapping

At Dyno Remaps we have time-served, dedicated remapping experience. Our team stands out from the crowd using custom built, fully licenced software. When approaching us we will fully inform and guide you with regards to specific and bespoke vehicle requirements. When it comes to remaps we execute strategy with extreme precision using our very own dyno. Safety is at the forefront and you will find all of our vehicles attached to a driving rail for testing, NOT out on the open road.

Over the years customers have come to us having had previous negative remapping experiences elsewhere. We have immediately identified a course of action including what should have been carried out in the first place. Upon completion vehicles are fully enhanced and we provide data and information to back this up. If you are looking at a remap we are most definitely right for the job. Our reputation and reviews speak for themselves so please take a look and get in touch today.

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