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Vehicle Tuning

Custom Vehicle Tuning

Here at Dyno Remaps we offer custom vehicle tuning here in Middlesbrough. Benefits of this service includes heightened performance through the increase of BHP and torque. Book an appointment to enhance your driving experience through vehicle tuning.

Your ECU (engine control unit) directly effects injected fuel quantities and ignition values. Car manufacturers are bound to strict guidelines and specific criteria in terms of software. In addition they have to cater for variations in fuel quality and extremes of altitude and temperature. Due to these regulations and in the majority of cases, an engine is likely to perform up to just 60-70% of its actual full potential. This is where we can help. Our custom vehicle tuning service has the knowledge, skills and ability to safely adjust data stored in the ECU. Making changes to original performance levels you with a more powerful and fuel efficient vehicle.


Performance Tuning

When you contact our team at Dyno Remaps we will discuss the best course of action based on the outcome you’re looking for. Vehicle tuning is carried out with extreme precision and results in an engine that responds more eagerly to your right foot. Power that’s delivered smoothly means town driving is easier and can be achieved with fewer gear changes. With improved acceleration, overtaking becomes an even safer task to accomplish. If you choose custom tuning for your vehicle, driving automatically becomes a better experience whether along the motorway, country lanes or within urban areas.

Based in Middlesbrough we have state of the art equipment including a static dyno. Custom vehicle tuning is carried out by time-served experts. We give you data and performance statistics before and after tuning. To discuss booking please speak to our specialists today or get in touch through our online contact form. Take a look at our 5* reviews over on Facebook.

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